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Pros and Cons of Carpeted Floors

Pros and Cons of Carpeted Floors

Carpeted floors add style and comfort to a home. However, they also have their challenges.

A new carpet is always a refreshing investment. These days, carpeted floors are giving way to hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring options. Still, people prefer some level of softness beneath their feet and add a rug over their hardwood. If you are wondering about which flooring option you should choose, take a look at the pros and cons of carpeted floors.


The pros of carpeting mainly have to do with style and comfort. There are typically five pros that experts boil the benefits of carpeting down to.

Style and Color: Carpeting has thousands of styles and colors from which to choose. Whether one would like shaggier carpet or short, dense carpeting, a homeowner can have it either way. One can have a patterned texture as well, and choose either a neutral tone or a certain color to fit their scheme. In short, carpeting has a huge range of options to complement an existing style.

Warmth: Carpet brings warmth into a room visually and to the touch. Carpeting adds comfort and ambiance that laminate and hardwood flooring can generally lack. 

Softness: Likewise, carpeting brings the comfort of a soft surface. It is more pleasant to tread upon a plush flooring rather than a hard, unyielding one. Carpeting makes going barefoot much more luxurious.

Insulation: Carpeting also has an insulating quality. This not only applies to retain heat within the house during the winter, but also reducing the general noise in the house. When someone walks around or drops something, the noise and impact are less. 

Price: Carpeting is the least expensive of all flooring materials. A carpet brings comfort and style to a home at an affordable price.


Unfortunately, carpeting poses its cons as well. There are generally five as follows.

Hard to Clean: Carpeting is notoriously more difficult to clean than a smooth, hard floor. Carpets tend to retain stains and even smells, making a spotless floor much harder to keep over the years.

Collects Moisture: Carpeting can also collect moisture from the humidity in the air. Carpeting is more likely to encourage mold growth if the situation in a home goes bad.

Collects Dust Mites: Besides moisture, carpets hide dirt far better than hardwood flooring. Dirt, dust, and grime tend to settle deep within. Even worse, it is possible for mites of a different kind to burrow underneath the carpet. However, with regular cleaning, carpets can remain in a healthy condition.

Not as Long-lasting: Given the fibrous nature of carpeting, it does not last for many years. However, this depends on its quality. Because of this, a carpet can last from 1 to 25 years.

Higher Maintenance Cost: Overall, carpeting will need more regular and more vigorous care than hardwood, laminate, or tile. While it may have an affordable upfront cost, it will take greater effort to vacuum and rub off stains to keep it in top shape.


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