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Should Your HVAC Fan Setting Be On or Auto?

Should Your HVAC Fan Setting Be On or Auto?

The fan settings on your HVAC system can make all the difference!

The HVAC system is one appliance in the house that helps keep it running like no other. In the summer, you get cool, fresh indoor air, and in the winter, you stay warm and comfortable. Part of the HVAC system is the fan, which blows the temperate air throughout the house. Many participate in the debate on whether the HVAC fan setting should be on or auto. What are the differences and pros and cons of each? Find out more below.

Fan Setting on On

The fan is what forces temperature-controlled air throughout your home all year long. It naturally runs when the air conditioner or furnace operates, but otherwise, it does not have to run. However, it can. The fan can act independently through the on setting, with which you can have the fan circulating air continuously. 

The benefits of putting your HVAC fan setting to on include air circulation and evening out indoor temperatures. It can help to prevent stale air from appearing and eliminate cold and warm spots in the house.

There are several cons to the on setting as well. When the fan is on all the time, it generally recycles the air, which could be negative. If the air in the house is dusty or dirty, the fan will just continually blow it around the house. Also, you should not necessarily put the fan on when the house is humid. The air conditioner helps to remove the humidity from the house, but with the fan alone it will make the house more humid.

Fan Setting on Auto

If you put the fan setting on auto, the fan will only operate when the air conditioner runs. The air conditioner will both blow cool or warm air throughout the house and remove humidity and dirt from the air. 

If you only have the fan on auto, you will get to save a little on the energy bill, and you can avoid all the pitfalls that occur when running the fan without the furnace or AC. However, there are some times when having the fan on alone is helpful, so it is best to use the on setting only when you need to.


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