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Repairing Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

north arundel contracting Repairing Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

Learn the importance of repairing water-damaged kitchen cabinets.

Oh no! You have water damage in your kitchen. It’s overwhelming to discover how damaging water is. It can ruin floors, stain walls, and crumble sheetrock. However, your cabinets will most likely suffer the most in the kitchen. Almost all kitchen cabinets are made of particle board. The wood will suck the water and start to swell. Then, the water will dissolve the glue. They will no longer be strong. Keep reading to learn the importance of repairing water-damaged kitchen cabinets.

Finding Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

What should you do when you see water damage in your kitchen cabinets? The obvious step is to search and stop the flow of water. Do you have fans or a dehumidifier? You must act now and dispatch a Glen Burnie water damage restoration service company – North Arundel Contracting. Our water damage restoration contractors are available now if you don’t have the experience, time, or equipment to handle this right away. We’ll bring all the necessary industrial equipment and years of expertise.

Once we arrive, we may remove your cabinet doors to accelerate the drying process. This approach will limit damage; the doors’ weight may trigger the particle board to crumble or sag. Also, household fans will take a long time to dry out particles and wood board. Instead, our experienced team will use commercial high-volume fans and dehumidifiers to function faster. Repairing water-damaged kitchen cabinets is no joke!

Repairing or Replacing Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

Based on the severity of the water damage, North Arundel Contracting may be able to repair your kitchen cabinets and restore the finish. Otherwise, bracing structures might be utilized to straighten the warped or swollen cabinets. Once the cabinets and doors have dried, then we can remove the supports. Additionally, the team will repair the trim and doors before refinishing the surfaces to complement them.

However, you can’t always save water-damaged cabinets despite acting fast. You’ll have to replace the crumbling particle board. North Arundel Contracting can assist you in building a kitchen that is better than the original.

Eliminate the Risk for Mold and Mildew

Even after the kitchen cabinets have been dried, they can still be at risk for mold and mildew. It’s possible for mold to develop 24-48 hours after a significant leak. North Arundel Contracting will keep this in mind during the clean-up. Before finishing the project, they will use products to prevent potential mold growth.

North Arundel Contracting has you covered if you need assistance repairing water-damaged kitchen cabinets! Call us at 410-541-0328 for our contracting services.


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