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More Ways to Prevent the Risk of Mold in Your Kitchen

north arundel contracting Prevent the Risk of Mold in Your Kitchen

This article will discuss more ways to prevent the risk of mold in your kitchen.

Making important repairs and using a moisture reduction strategy is a great first step toward reducing mold in your kitchen. However, it’s not the only thing you can do to maintain mold at bay. This article will discuss more ways to prevent the risk of mold in your kitchen.

How to Prevent Mold in Your Kitchen

Promptly Dispose of Food

Mold requires nutrients to form a colony and thrive. Expired foods provide the perfect nutrient base for mold to develop. Make sure to throw out food as it nears the expiration date and eliminate any leftovers within a day or two. This method will prevent the risk of mold in your kitchen.

Regularly Clean the Refrigerator

You also need to maintain a clean and sanitary refrigerator. This involves cleaning out old food products, regularly wiping down shelves, and cleaning up spills.

Make Sure to Defrost Your Freezer

Prevent the risk of mold in your kitchen by defrosting your freezer. Excess frost in your freezer or in your refrigerator’s door can melt in small amounts. Over time, this moisture can migrate to warmer environments under and behind your refrigerator or freezer. This can provide mold spores with sufficient moisture to produce an active colony.

Always Use the Range Hood in Your Kitchen

Ideally, you want a hood fan that vents the cooking steam outside. It’s very handy, and you should use it diligently every time you cook to prevent the risk of mold in your kitchen.

Flush the Garbage Disposal Daily

If your kitchen sink includes a built-in garbage disposal, you must run it at least once every day. This will eliminate any food matter that mold spores may exploit to form a colony. Also, flush the drain out by running hot water with dish soap for 3 to 5 minutes. Additionally, you can pour 2 or 3 caps of bleach down the drain if you notice foul smells coming from the garbage disposal. Then run cold water to move the bleach along.

Action to Take If You Discover Mold in Your Kitchen

If you discover a small area of mold or mildew in your kitchen, you may be able to clean it up yourself. Remember that bleach is not the best cleaning product for this. Especially if the mold is located on a window trim or in any woodwork. Instead, use an oxygenated cleaning chemical such as hydrogen peroxide as the main disinfecting agent.

It’s also best to leave mold remediation to North Arundel Contracting if you find a significant mold colony in your kitchen. You will be satisfied knowing that trained mold remediation specialists are assisting you.


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