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The 4 Types of Water Damage That Can Ruin Your Galesville Home

The 4 Types of Water Damage That Can Ruin Your Galesville Home

Mother Nature doesn’t always cause water damage. Here are four common types of water damage that can ruin your Galesville home.

Mother Nature doesn’t always cause water damage. Although you might think that rain and floods are the two main causes of water damage, that’s not always true. It can happen if appliances such as the dishwasher and fixtures such as the toilet start to malfunction. Here are four common types of water damage that can ruin your Galesville home.

Type 1

Type 1 water damage is typically contained to one room and only in a part of that room. Water damaged carpeting can be a nightmare, but you’ll be glad to hear that there’s only a small amount of affected carpet when it comes to type 1. A slow leak from the roof or not closing the shower curtain while the shower is on can cause this problem. All in all, it’s not much to worry about yet.

Type 2

As we reach type 2, here is where you might start to worry Here, water damage starts to become more of a problem. The water will be covering the entire room, not just a part of it. Large portions of the carpet are now drenched, and the water is all over the walls, too. However, the walls aren’t soaked just yet, because there’s only 1 foot of water buildup. That means it’s not as bad as it could be. Water extraction and remediation will be needed to prevent the growth of mold throughout your Galesville home.  

Type 3

Type 3 water damage only gets worse. The floors, the subfloors, the walls, and the ceiling are all wet. Water damage restoration experts equipped with dehumidifiers and other such equipment are needed at this stage because you shouldn’t try to deal with this damage all by yourself.

Type 4

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too often about type 4 water damage in your Galesville home. Type 4 water damage usually occurs after severe flooding where the natural stone and concrete that help support your home have been damaged. Any brick or hardwood elements of your home in Galesville are likely to be damaged as well. At this point, your entire home might be lost and will need to be rebuilt. That said, if you need water damage repair, then turn to North Arundel Contracting, and we can help you restore your house to the way it was before.


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