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Signs There is Water Damage in an Aging Home

north arundel contracting Water Damage in an Aging Home

Learn the signs of water damage in an aging home.

Older homes can be interesting and beautiful at once, but there is no doubt that many aging homes come with problems. Water damage is a frequent threat to both older and modern homes. Unfortunately, receiving water damage doesn’t take long – a storm or an extra-long shower will cause it. Keep reading to learn the signs of water damage in an aging home.

Different Ways to Recognize Signs of Water Damage

Sometimes the damage is easy to spot. However, it’s often undetected. This is essential if you are moving into a new house or have not been inspected for water damage recently. In addition, watch out for these signs of water damage so you can be ready to quickly respond if water damage in Glen Burnie comes your way.

Water Stains

Water stains are an apparent sign of water damage in an aging home. Be cautious when you are looking for a new home. So, watch out for discolored stains where water is common. The typical locations for potential water damage stains include toilets, sinks, washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Also, be ready to discuss remediation options with the homeowner or hire a water damage contractor.

Look Out for Musty Odors

Trust your instinct on this one. Your nose can complete the work for you even though water damage is usually hidden below flooring and behind walls. Several old houses have an aging, musty smell, but rooms with water damage release the most smell. Contact North Arundel Contracting in Glen Burnie if you are uncertain if water damage has happened.

Don’t Neglect Soggy Drywall

Moreover, soggy drywall is one of the easiest signs of water damage in your home. You have water damage if your walls are wet. Ensure to take action right away before the problem intensifies. Particularly, water damage in an aging home is never good.

Analyze Spotty Fresh Paint in Unusual Places

Don’t overlook this subtle sign of damage if you’re looking for a new home. Some homeowners mistakenly attempt to paint over the affected areas of the house to cover water damage. Also, don’t hesitate to ask why they painted those specific areas if you notice spotty paint on the walls in odd places.


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