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Mold Damage 101 for Laurel Homeowners

Mold Damage 101 for Laurel Homeowners

.Whether you have a current mold infestation, or you’re simply trying to be informed just in case, here is your mold damage 101, Laurel homeowners!

Mold is disgusting, and it can also occasionally be dangerous. It grows easily in the right conditions and can spread quickly. So if you find yourself with a mold issue, you should not put off getting it taken care of. Whether you have a current mold infestation, or you’re simply trying to be informed just in case, here is your Mold 101, Laurel homeowners!

Mold Thrives in Damp Areas

Routinely humid conditions are the perfect breeding ground for mold. Likewise, areas that get wet and stay wet, often end up with mold damage.  It is not enough just to remove the growing mold. You also have to remedy the damp conditions, or more mold will grow. If the room is often humid, you need to figure out how to vent the moist air. If there was a leak or a flood, you have to remove the water and figure out how to keep it out.

There’s Likely More Than You See

If you can see mold on the walls of your Laurel home, there is more than likely additional mold growth and damage behind or within those walls.  If you had a flood or leak that penetrated your walls, the inside probably stayed wet longer than the visible areas, and the mold started there. By the time it becomes visible on the surface, it could already be a huge problem underneath.

Mold Can Be Toxic

Mold damage to your Laurel homes is not the only concern when it comes to mold growth. Some molds can have serious health effects in both people and pets, especially black mold. The spores from the black mold can cause chronic wheezing and coughing, rashes, headaches, and irritation to your eyes, nose, and throat if you inhale or ingest them.  Because of this, it is important to wear protection when removing and cleaning up after mold.

Mold Needs to Be Removed Completely

Cleaning up after a mold infestation is about more than just treating the area with cleaners or chemicals. Even if you get all the surface mold, there is the unseen mold underneath. Additionally, the spores could still be a threat to the health and safety of people in the house, even if the mold is dead. When you have a mold infestation, it has to be contained and removed in its entirety.

For Serious Mold DAMAGE, Get a Professional

Consider hiring a professional, to deal with mold removal. Even if you kill it all, it could still be dangerous if it isn’t removed. A professional will know how to seal off the area so mold doesn’t infect the rest of the building, fix the moisture issues that are causing the mold, and destroy and completely remove all of the mold (even what you can’t see). It’s worth it for the peace of mind that the mold damage is completely corrected and won’t reoccur.


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