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Best Time for Exterior Painting

Best Time for Exterior Painting

Thinking of giving your home a fresh coat of paint? Consider these timing tips.

Exterior painting for your home is a big task. It takes a ton of time and effort; it would be terrible to do all that work and have the paint peel or fail soon after. What makes painting the exterior of your home different than painting the interior is that the weather must cooperate. When you are painting inside, you can control most of the factors by changing your indoor air settings, including humidity and temperature. Outside, you are at the whims of mother nature, and choosing the wrong time to complete your painting project may mean it does not get done well and looks bad.


Many factors go into the weather being right for exterior painting. The primary ones have to do with the temperature and moisture. Choosing the wrong day to complete your exterior painting project can prove to be a huge mistake. The way the paint will dry is closely related to the temperature of the air and the material painted. You ideally want warm days, but you also need to have pretty stable temperatures overnight. If you have a significant temperature change overnight, it could keep the paint from curing properly. Moisture also plays a role in curing. You want to wait until a few days have passed in which it has not rained so that the house is totally dry. You also don’t want it to pour down raining too soon after you finish painting (and of course it has to stay dry while you’re painting).


Early summer and early fall both fit the bill for exterior painting. Be careful of days that get too hot. If the sun beats down on you while you’re painting, it could be dangerous and could also ruin the final look of the house. Extreme heat can make the paint dry too quickly, leading to visible brushstrokes and potentially balls of dried paint on the surface. If you live in a warmer region, you may be able to get away with painting later into the fall. In colder regions, you may be able to paint longer into the summer. If you tend to have very humid conditions, shoot for a day with relatively low humidity, and (as mentioned above) avoid the rain. Finally, make sure you check your paint for the specific temperature range that it works best in. 


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