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When Should You Repaint the Exterior of Your Home?

north arundel contracting repaint the exterior of your home

So, when should you repaint the exterior of your home?

Painting your home’s exterior isn’t a job that can be completed at any time during the year. After all, you’ve probably never seen anybody up on a ladder, painting away during a harsh winter. So, why do exterior paint jobs seem to only occur in one part of the year? The weather needs to cooperate for your paint job to turn out perfectly. So, when should you repaint the exterior of your home?

Best Time to Paint Outside is…

Ideally, you want to select a time that provides warm, dry days. Also, looking at the weather for several days before and after your painting day is a good idea. You also want to be cautious of quick temperature fluctuations from day to night. If you receive perfect temperatures during the day but suddenly drop after sunset, the paint will react and won’t cure properly. So, the best time to repaint the exterior of your home is early summer and fall because of the best weather conditions. There are minimum rain and temperature fluctuations!

What’s the Perfect Warmth to Paint Outside?

While summer provides reliably dry weather and not a lot of rain, it also comes with extreme heat. The paint can quickly dry when it’s extremely hot outside, leaving you with a less-than-ideal finish. This means unattractive brush marks and paint clumps. As a result, it’s always best to repaint the exterior of your home when it’s not too hot outside. Also, ensure you pay attention to the humidity levels because the paint will typically dry best when it’s not overly humid. Call North Arundel Contracting, based in Glen Burnie, MD, at 410-766-2855, for exterior painting services!

Avoid Doing This When Painting Outside

Are you planning to repaint the exterior of your home? Avoid doing the following:

  • Avoid painting when wet outside because you want to end up with an even application.
  • Don’t paint outside an acceptable temperature range. You want to avoid attempting to paint outside in the middle of winter or in extreme heat. If you’re uncertain whether the conditions are acceptable for exterior painting, ask one of our painting experts at North Arundel Contracting.
  • Decide to paint within the seasons and not outside. Of course, determining to paint will significantly depend on the climate where you live.

If you stick to these guidelines, your property will have a flawless finish. Ready to repaint the exterior of your house? Give our company a ring at 410-766-2855!


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