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Understanding Frozen Pipes in the Wintertime

north arundel contracting prevent frozen pipes in the wintertime

Learn how to prevent frozen pipes in the wintertime in this article!

As temperatures plummet in Maryland, your pipes can freeze. Freezing pipes can be dangerous because they can expand and contract as they thaw. This can lead to burst pipes, flooding, and expensive, urgent repairs from a professional. Learn how to prevent frozen pipes in the wintertime in this article!

Maintain Your Garage Door Closed

Garages are one of the coldest areas of a home, with concrete floors and minimal insulation. One way to prevent frozen pipes in the wintertime is to maintain the garage door closed when it’s cold outside. This approach will also preserve the heat in your house, minimizing your energy bills. Also, you may add more insulation to your garage to keep the winter space warmer.

Insulate Your Pipes

Proper insulation of your pipes can also decrease your energy bills and maintain heat as water travels to your faucets, so you have a shorter wait for hot water. In addition, insulation minimizes the condensation that corrodes pipes over time. Moreover, pipes in basements, garages, crawlspaces and exterior walls will require additional insulation.

Allow Your Faucet to Drip

Allowing a faucet to drip is a well-known method for preventing frozen pipes in the wintertime. Keep at least one faucet dripping when temperatures drop around or below freezing in Maryland. Additionally, select the fixture farthest from the water source. This will give water a chance to flow through the whole pipe system. Keep more than one tap dripping in different parts of your home for better results.

Contact North Arundel Contracting

When winterizing your property, it’s wise to call North Arundel Contracting to prevent frozen pipes in the wintertime. If your goal is to save money, it’s better to call a professional. You’re likely to make mistakes a professional would not, which may be costly to repair. Ask one of our team members to inspect your home’s pipes and install more insulation if necessary. Remember, frozen pipes in winter are one of the last things you want to experience as a homeowner. As a result, a frozen pipe can quickly burst and flood your home. Contact our emergency services to address your frozen pipes this winter!


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