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Managing Sewer Backup in Your Basement

north arundel contracting Managing Sewer Backup in Your Basement

North Arundel Contracting offers tips for managing sewer backup in your basement.

Sewer lines transport waste water away from your property through underground plumbing that leads to the local sewer mains. If a clog develops in the line or a line fails, it can produce a raw sewage backup in your home. North Arundel Contracting offers tips for managing sewer backup in your basement.

How Hazardous is Sewage?

Sewage combines water and waste products such as human waste, garbage, and mineral salts. In addition, organic material decomposes quickly and releases odorous gases that can endanger people’s health. Organic material also contains disease-causing pathogens, which is why fast sewage removal is essential after any backup. Also, sewage poses a severe health risk to any humans and animals residing in the home. For these reasons, it’s vital to be aware when managing sewer backup in your basement.

There’s a Sewage Backup in My Basement. Now What?

If you discover a sewer backup in your basement, there are multiple things you can complete immediately.

Remember, if there is lingering water in your basement due to the sewage backup, avoid entering the space while the power is on. This is hazardous since electricity and water can kill.

Analyze the Risks

Managing a sewage backup in your basement can be dangerous. It’s critical to examine the risks before attempting any cleanup. Additionally, sewage water can contain various bacteria and viruses. While not transmitted through the air, skin contact can lead to rashes or infection if you even have a minor open sore or cut. Also, accidentally touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with hands or gloves containing sewage can make you sick.

When you discover a sewage blockage in your basement, it’s beneficial and safer to call in the professionals at North Arundel Contracting for complete sewage clean up services.


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