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How to Make a Mold-Resistant Bedroom

north arundel contracting make a mold-resistant bedroom

How do you make a mold-resistant bedroom?

After discovering your bedroom has no signs of an active mold colony during an examination, the next step is to make a mold-resistant bedroom. However, it requires a multi-face approach. It generally takes more than one small change to prevent mold from exploiting humidity and condensation in a bedroom with poor air circulation.

Enhance Ventilation

One way to make a mold-resistant bedroom is to have good airflow. This begins with opening all the bedroom windows when you get up in the morning. If the weather permits, leave them open for at least 5 minutes. This will help decrease humidity while ensuring fresh air replaces the stale air left behind. Although this strategy only helps if the outside humidity level is low and the temperatures are reasonable.

Utilize a Dehumidifier

Moreover, you might have to utilize a dehumidifier if you live in an area with very high outdoor humidity or if you want to take your mold prevention strategy to the next level. When the dehumidifier is inside your bedroom, it takes out the humidity that can become condensation from the air. Make sure also to pour out the collection bin every few days. This will go a long way to making a mold-resistant bedroom.

Upgrade or Maintain Your Home’s Air Conditioner

An overworking air conditioning system is another prevalent culprit for creating moisture that mold spores need to develop into a colony. In addition, it tends to leave condensation in the system and vents. When mold finds a room with poor ventilation, the spores can exploit any moisture or condensation they find. So, upgrading or properly maintaining your air conditioner will go a long way toward preventing the spread of mold spores in your bedroom and home.

Repair Any Plumbing and Roof Leaks

Simple things such as a minor leak in your roof or a clogged gutter can permit rainwater to enter your home. It can also pool in the attic or the subceiling, making an ideal breeding area for a mold colony. Simultaneously, any plumbing leaks can also provide mold the moisture it needs to become highly dangerous.

Moreover, make sure to repair any plumbing and roof leaks immediately. This calls for completing routine inspections of your roof line, checking your attic every few months, and examining the plumbing features throughout your home. If you find any mold in your bedroom, call North Arundel Contracting for mold remediation services!


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