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Yikes! I Found Mold in My Bedroom!


So, you found mold in your bedroom. Let’s explore more about the threat of mold spores you breathe.

Most people spend a third of their lives in their bedrooms, sleeping. This makes good sleep hygiene and sleep habits crucial for your overall health. Yet the bedroom can become problematic in a home since you breathe in a significant volume of toxins and allergens over the time you spend there. So, you found mold in your bedroom. Let’s explore more about the threat of mold spores you breathe.

Mold is Hazardous to Your Health

Mold spores exist everywhere in the world. They are micro for the eye to see. However, they can germinate and form an active colony in warm moist environments. Once this happens, a small active colony can disperse a significant volume of new mold spores into the air. Additionally, these spores often hold mycotoxins, triggering chronic inflammation conditions in sensitive persons. They can also trigger people with asthma and respiratory allergies to have flare-ups.

Cause of Mold in a Bedroom

Mold in your bedroom varies from a laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen, where constant humidity steam promotes mold development. Instead, condensation and regular humidity by the weather cause mold in your bedroom. Also, moisture in the bedroom that settles on a wooden windowsill or in the recesses of a closet behind the blackout curtains can invite a mold colony to thrive. Remember to check these areas and other spots with poor ventilation during a regular mold check of your bedroom.

Solution for Finding Mold in Your Bedroom

If the mold in your bedroom turned up discolored splotches and the earthy odors of an active mold colony, don’t do anything! People often try to clean up a mold problem with household chemicals that simply aren’t enough to kill mold down to its microscopic roots. Instead, they end up disturbing the mold colony and causing it to spread dangerous spores into the air. Even if you kill a mold colony in your room, the spores may migrate to another room in the house, where they can begin another mold infestation.

If you find mold in your bedroom, the ideal thing to do is contact a mold remediation company. North Arundel Contracting can examine your bedroom and other home areas to find all present mold colonies. Also, they have the right equipment and cleaning chemicals to eliminate mold down to its microscopic roots.


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