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Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Thinking of installing recessed lighting? North Arundel Contracting can help!

Lighting fixtures can truly make the room. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, the lighting is a major influencer of its dimensions and mood. If you are considering whether or not adding recessed lighting is a good idea, here are some benefits of recessed lighting to consider.

Make Rooms More Spacious

One of the best aspects of recessed lights is that it makes rooms feel and look more spacious. They literally take up less room than hanging light fixtures and lamps, but still provide adequate illumination to every part of the room. Recessed lights are a smart choice for smaller rooms, even ones with high ceilings.

Make Rooms Brighter

Recessed light designers knew what they were doing when they created them. These fixtures can sit at an angle to perform a lighting strategy called “wall washing.” Without overlapping their rays, each light can point toward the walls, washing them with light, thereby creating a soft and bright illumination.

Highlight Features

If you want to highlight particular focal points like a bookcase, display case, or art piece, recessed lighting is a good way to accomplish this goal as well. No matter whether your aim is to create a focal point or to brighten an entire room, an electrician or interior designer can give you the best advice for placement.

Add Style

These fixtures are not just drab or plain. They come in various styles and colors to accentuate the style of your home. Be sure to research all the styles and sizes and ask for professional advice before settling on one particular kind.

Keep Clean & Safe

There is at least one more major benefit of this type of lighting fixture: practicality. These lights have protective coverings that keep the bulbs safe from dust and bugs, making them easy to clean and resistant to grime. They are also generally sturdy enough to take on the rambunctiousness of playing kids, helping keep your home intact. 

Call an Electrician

For the proficient DIYer, many home improvement jobs are not too difficult to handle. Despite this handiness, it is always wiser to call an electrician to do electrical work in the house. Electricity is not something to mess with, and a professional can tell at once whether the job was done by an average person or an expert. If recessed light installation sounds like a great idea to you, contact North Arundel Contracting!


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