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Energy-Efficient Home Improvement Ideas

Energy-Efficient Home Improvement Ideas

Looking to save on energy bills? North Arundel Contracting can help make your home more energy-efficient.

The more we spend time around the house, the more we begin to notice problems with it. Unfortunately, one of the most common troubles people find is drafts and a general lack of home discomfort. What’s more, their energy bills might be higher than average. Drafts during the winter and excess heat and humidity in the summer are signs that the house needs to be more efficient. Here are some energy-efficient home improvement ideas you might find beneficial.


Insulation installation aims to retain interior temperatures within main structures like the walls, floor, ceiling, basements, crawl spaces, ductwork, and unheated garages. Insulation is a necessary part of maintaining indoor temperatures, and the older your home is, the less likely it will contain insulation materials.

Air Sealing

Air sealing is similar to insulation, but its goal is to sufficiently cover any holes or cracks in the house. It covers all areas like walls, floors, attics, ductwork, and more, but pinpoints the spaces that leak air the most. For this reason, air sealing may be more important than insulation installation, because tightly-packed insulation does not address any actual leaks. 

Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are naturally the largest openings of the house to the elements and pose the greatest risk of draftiness. If you notice a draft, you can easily seal them with weatherstripping. However, at some point they will be in too poor a condition to mend any longer. One can install not only new windows and doors, but ones that are highly energy-efficient as well.


Roofing can also be a source of energy waste, depending on a number of factors like heat absorption, maintenance level, and wear and tear over time. There are plenty of energy-efficient roofing options to study, including asphalt, metal, slate, and shake shingles. When deciding what energy-efficient home improvements to make, you may opt for either roofing repair or replacement.

Energy Star Appliances

Lastly, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency by repairing, maintaining, or replacing your HVAC appliances. Be sure your HVAC unit has an Energy Star label, meaning it is certified by the EPA. Routine maintenance and repair will help your system last longer and save more.


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