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Baseline Home Renovation Projects

Baseline Home Renovation Projects

Before fixing anything else in the house, check out these baseline projects.

In 2020, home improvement projects have increased significantly. Many people are continuing to spend much time at home. What better way to spend time than to work on what’s around you? Home renovation projects take strategy, and doing it right can help save you extra time and money in the process. Hopefully, your home does not have issues with the following, but every homeowner should check these out before moving on to anything else.


The roof is one of the most basic parts of a house, and generally why we have one. Roofs can last for 20-30 years, if not longer, but regular asphalt tile roofs may need replacing sooner than later. New homeowners should inspect for leaks, missing shingles, and mildew as part of a baseline home renovation.


The flooring can also wear out over time, especially if you have carpeting and vinyl or laminate tiling. Carpets usually only last around ten years, and laminate or vinyl tiling can begin peeling off the floor.

Insulation & Drywall

A lack of insulation reaps you a high energy bill in the summer and winter. One tell-tale sign you need better insulation is if icicles form on your eaves, which shows that heat is escaping your attic. Should you have water-damaged or broken walls, drywall replacement is a must.


Another major home renovation project is plumbing. Many hidden problems can occur, even in a new home, but signs will indicate if you have a leak anywhere. You can also save energy long-term by installing efficient plumbing fixtures, like low-flush toilets.


Electrical work is another mammoth, but a very necessary one should anything be amiss. Some homes still have outdated and dangerous electric panels that could cause a fire if the circuit overloads. You may also need to replace the wiring if it is old and your lights go dim. Otherwise, you might find ways to improve your lighting with task, recessed, and other kinds of lighting.


Lastly, you’ll want to take a look at how well your heating, cooling, and ventilation are performing. Though it isn’t the most glamorous of projects, maintaining or replacing your HVAC can help save money, increase comfort, and help you breathe easier.


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