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Analyzing for Water Leaks in Your Glen Burnie Home

north arundel contracting water leaks in your glen burnie home

Water leaks in your Glen Burnie home can appear anywhere there’s a plumbing fixture.

Water leaks in your Glen Burnie home can appear anywhere there’s a plumbing fixture. And finding them is the first step to repairing them. Luckily, North Arundel Contracting uses imaging technology to detect moisture inside walls and imaging cameras to locate water sources that started water leaks. Otherwise, follow these tips to find where water leaks could damage your property and waste money.

Bathtub and Shower

When it comes to your bathtub or shower area, make sure you analyze for these specific water leaks in your Glen Burnie home:

  • Drain leaks – Plug the drain with a test plug, fill the tub or shower a couple of inches and check the water level after an hour. If the water level drops, that indicates that the seal surrounding the drain is leaking.
  • Splash leaks – Ensure to shut the shower door and splash water at it from the inside. If water leaks out, it can enter under the tile floor and cause damage.
  • Tile leaks – Analyze the grout and press on all the tub walls or shower tiles. Deteriorating grout, loose tiles, and persistent mold indicate that water is damaging the wall behind the tiles.

Around Your Toilet

For flange leaks, try to rock the toilet gently. If the toilet moves, search for ceiling stains in the room below the bathroom. Then, remove the toilet and seek cracked or loose flange. Over time, a leak can trigger the subfloor around the toilet to rot, eventually causing the ceiling under the toilet to collapse. In addition, a leak between the toilet tank and bowl can signify a constantly running toilet. Therefore, the flapper is likely cracked or improperly sitting on the hole.

Moreover, trickle water around the sink rim and search for leaks from below with a flashlight. The sink rim leaks slowly and damage cabinets and countertops. Lastly, search for plumbing leaks by turning on the faucet, looking for wet spots, and wiping under-sink plumbing connections with a tissue. The leaks here can destroy the cabinet, flooring, and ceiling of the room below. After locating leaks, attempt to fix them. After discovering the water leaks in your Glen Burnie home, try to fix them.

Contact a Water Damage Specialist

For assistance from a professional water damage specialist, please contact the North Arundel Contracting team at 410-766-2855. We aim to assist our customers throughout Central Maryland to meet their needs and budget. Click here for a free consultation with us!


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