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Why You Must Schedule a Commercial HVAC System Inspection Before Purchasing a Building

north arundel contracting commercial hvac system inspection

When purchasing a property that needs a commercial HVAC system inspection, contact your local trusted HVAC professional.

Purchasing commercial property represents a significant investment of money, time, and effort. It also requires understanding the building’s condition and the various systems like electrical and plumbing. In particular, an in-depth commercial HVAC system inspection ensures that you, as a purchaser, know precisely what you are purchasing.

Factors for Commercial HVAC Inspection

A commercial HVAC system inspection will provide the seller with essential information regarding the HVAC systems and their condition within the building. With this information, the buyer will not experience a sudden, additional expense to repair the heating or cooling systems. Also, the seller will not end up in a legal conflict or with a dissatisfied buyer. So, the inspection should provide details on factors such as:

Age and Condition

As a buyer, the HVAC equipment’s age, general condition, and overall functionality will determine if the systems are past their prime or when a replacement is necessary. In addition, the inspection will reveal whether or not the HVAC systems are neglected or maintained to keep them functioning well. Remember that an older HVAC system that is well taken care of will still have some good years in it.

The HVAC Ductwork

Commercial ductwork must have the correct size to hold the amount of heated and cooled air required by the building. Otherwise, it can be a significant expense if there is a need to replace the ductwork to correct this problem. Additionally, ductwork must be in excellent condition, sealed at all connections, and insulated.

Sizing of the HVAC Equipment

The HVAC equipment must also be in the proper size to offer the sufficient functional capacity to generate the amount of heating and cooling. If it’s too small, it won’t produce adequate conditioned air; if it’s too large, it will waste energy and money. Ultimately, knowing this information is crucial to avoid replacing the HVAC equipment after purchasing the building.

Where to Seek Commercial HVAC Inspectors

When purchasing a property that needs a commercial HVAC system inspection, contact your local trusted HVAC professional. The company that has managed other HVAC issues for you will most likely provide the thorough HVAC assessment you need for your new building. Otherwise, your existing HVAC service supplier can recommend a reliable general contracting company, such as North Arundel Contracting, to perform HVAC work.

Additionally, local code enforcement offices and city engineering offices can help you find an HVAC professional with the expertise and immense experience to perform an HVAC inspection you need before purchasing a commercial property.


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