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Look Out for These Sneaky Signs of Water Damage

north arundel contracting signs of water damage

Watch out for these sneaky signs of water damage to save yourself a lot of trouble.

Preventing home water damage in Glen Burnie can be time-consuming, but it’s definitely better than the alternative. Performing the proper preventative measures, like repairing any faulty plumbing early and redirecting rainwater away from your property, can save you from the headache of terrible water damage. The professionals at North Arundel Contracting know that water damage can begin small and become a massive mess. So, look out for these sneaky signs of water damage to save yourself a lot of trouble.

Faulty Paint

One of the more accessible, sneaky signs of water damage to look out for include paint that begins to bubble, chip, peel, or demonstrate any discoloration evidence. The same goes for peeling or loose wallpaper because this may indicate that the paint’s or wallpaper’s adhesive quality is being worn down or diluted by water.

Cracked Caulk

You might not notice your sink leaking until you have a large, moist mess underneath your sink. If you can sprinkle cracked caulk early on, you can prevent that from occurring. Also, deteriorating caulk around your windows can indicate that your window frames or home siding aren’t waterproof, and water can seep into your property via the window. Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, cracked caulk around your sink faucet is one of the sneaky signs of water damage.

Damaged Foundation

Many homeowners possibly don’t think about their foundation. Even though there’s a significant crack, most of them may think that concrete is durable and everything is okay. If you have a cracked foundation, everything is not okay. Any amount of cracking must be a concern! Consequently, water can seep into a cracked foundation. This can be likely due to improper drainage from downspouts or gutters, among other sources.

Odd Odors

Over time, water damage will release a musty, moldy smell. In addition, mold spores might trigger congestion and trouble breathing. So, listen to your nose on this one. If you suspect any signs of water damage, it’s always better to call North Arundel Contracting for an inspection than to be sorry for a water damage disaster. The longer water damage sits, the more time-consuming, damaging, and costly it will become.


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