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3 Subtle Reasons to Call a Restoration Company Right Away

3 Subtle Reasons to Call a Restoration Company Right Away

These three small phenomena could be signal larger problems.

When a fire, storm, or disaster strikes your home, you know that you should call a property restoration company immediately. The more time passes, the more damage can be done to your home. However, other signs that you need to bring in a professional restoration service are more subtle. There are smaller signals that your home is damaged and needs attention, but perhaps they are seen as annoyances. Or you may think that you can handle the issues yourself. The truth is, small signs of trouble can lead to bigger problems for your home down the line if not addressed by the professionals promptly. Here are three subtle reasons you should look for that indicate that you need to call a restoration company right away.

Weird Smells in Your Home

A lot of the water damage that occurs in people’s homes goes under the radar because it isn’t immediately apparent. There’s quite a bit of space that you don’t see that comprises important parts of your home – the foundation, the spaces between walls where pipes, insulation, and more are housed, the ducts of your ventilation system, and much more. Small leaks can lead to big problems. The most obvious sign of a small leak is a weird smell. If you smell something musty, investigate further – if you identify the source, you’ll likely find water damage and perhaps even mold growth. Contacting a restoration company to address the issue will help you stop the spread of mold and water damage in your home before it gets out of control.

Discolored Walls

In the same vein, when small leaks take place within the walls, there’s typically a slight discoloration of the walls. It’s pretty faint at first, but as time goes on, the discoloration will get stronger and spread along the wall. If you notice discoloration, call in the pros as quickly as possible. They can identify the source of the excess moisture and restore your home to its normal, beautiful state.

Warped Floors

Floorboards are also common sites for water damage in homes. When a leak happens here, the floor will begin to buckle or get uneven. Over time, this damage can get more severe and will lead to a complete replacement of the floor and baseboards. Calling in a restoration company can limit the damage done to your flooring.


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