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Act Quickly to Save Your Home from Catastrophic Water Damage

Act Quickly to Save Your Home from Catastrophic Water Damage

Water damage is no light matter. Avoid the dangers of water damage by calling North Arundel Contracting!

Water damage can affect your home quickly and without warning. From a small pipe leak to a large basement flood, identifying the source of a water leak and acting to stop it quickly is the best way to protect your home from water damage. While the immediate effects of water damage are apparent, what you might not know is that it can spread and cause other problems very quickly if not treated by professionals right away. Here’s what can happen, as well as how fast it can happen.

Immediately After a Leak

The damage caused by a leak will vary depending on the size and location of that leak. However, it’s important to note that water can spread very rapidly within your home. It can be absorbed by flooring, walls, soft furnishings, and much more. Leaving this damage unattended for too long can be extremely problematic – your home insurance may not cover the repairs if you wait, and the costs and dangers will increase the longer you wait.

24 Hours After a Leak

Once a leak starts, the water damage will continue to spread the longer it is left unattended. Soft furniture and upholstery will begin to soak through, and any personal belongings such as books and photographs may be irrevocably damaged if it is in the water’s path. Drywall and any wooden furnishings will begin to swell. Electrical systems will malfunction or be otherwise impacted. And if you have a leaky roof, the water could soak through the ceiling and begin to damage your insulation systems. Perhaps most distressingly, 24 hours after a leak begins, mold will start to develop in the areas affected.

1 Week After a Leak

Leaving a leak alone for a week can further impact the structural integrity of your home. Wood surface damage will continue to get worse, and metal furnishings can begin to corrode. The mold that started growing after day one will continue to spread in the week following.

When to Call a Professional Restoration Firm

To minimize the spread of mold and prevent serious structural damage to your home, it is recommended to contact a professional restoration firm within 48 hours of initial damage. Never attempt water restoration efforts on your own – the professionals have the skills and expertise needed to fully repair your home and ensure any hidden damage is taken care of.


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