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Tips for Homeowners to Identify Mold

Tips for Homeowners to Identify Mold

Does your house have mold? Here’s how you can tell.

For most homeowners, even mentioning mold can start to ring a few alarm bells. While mold is a naturally-occurring substance, it can wreak havoc on your home. It’s especially important to tackle mold early on so you do not end up needing mold remediation services. While mold typically thrives in areas with high moisture, like crawl spaces or pockets of humidity in between walls, it can occasionally be viewed on surfaces. If mold begins to grow without being addressed early on, it can heavily impact the health of your home and your ability to sell your home safely. At North Arundel Contracting, we’ve developed a few tips to help homeowners identify mold so that they can reach out to us for mold remediation services.

Identifying Mold: What Does Mold Look Like?

Although mold is found in practically everything, an overgrowth of certain types of mold can be potentially hazardous to a household. For most homeowners, they’ll want to look around for visual signs of mold beginning to develop. Typically, mold comes in a few shades: black, orange, and even green hues. On a surface level, the mold may appear to be fuzzy and can even be confused with being a dirty surface. However, it’s not a dirty surface. It’s mold! 

What Causes Mold?

Mold originates from mold spores that have entered your home and grown due to repeated exposure to moisture, poor ventilation, and other contributing factors. Interestingly enough, even dirt can bring mold spores into your home and cause mold to develop. You’ll want to thoroughly examine areas where it’s common for mold to occur. These areas include the shower, within crawl spaces, anywhere that water can drip, on or near HVAC vents, underneath of carpeting, underneath wallpaper, and more. If you detect any visual signs of mold, you will want to contact North Arundel Contracting for a consultation for mold remediation.

How Can I Prevent Mold?

Even though mold is naturally occurring and can be tracked indoors, there are ways to prevent it from growing within your home. You’ll want to carefully clean up any dirt you track into your home, reduce humidity with dehumidifiers, use proper fans for ventilating bathrooms and areas throughout your home, and keep your household clean. If you discover that you have mold within your home, contact North Arundel Contracting immediately.


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