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Where to Stay During Home Renovation

Where to Stay During Home Renovation

Where can you stay during a home renovation? One has plenty of options.

Renovating one area of the house can give you a day or more of demolition and noise, but a whole-house renovation can make it impossible to continue business as usual while construction occurs. If staying in your own house is impossible, you still have plenty of options to stay elsewhere in the meantime.

Short-Term Apartment

A short-term apartment rental is one option. One may discover that one does not need too much space to survive and thrive. If you can find a short-term apartment lease in your area, you will be able to operate as normal and visit the construction site often. Some apartments come fully or semi-furnished.

Short-Term Single-Family Rental

Another option is to find a single-family rental. A single-family house or townhouse could be another option if you prefer to have more living space and be free from apartment neighbors. You may also have a higher chance of finding a pet-friendly solution.

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing, similar to executive office suites, come fully furnished and replete with luxury amenities, such as a front desk receptionist. The typical length of a stay in corporate housing is 2-3 months.

Vacation Rental

Another option is to rent a vacation home or an Airbnb. It could be your chance to enjoy a little R&R while still having access to the home renovation site. Remember to budget accurately for your temporary stay expenses so you don’t go overboard.


Extended-stay hotels are geared towards guests who need to stay for around a month. They come complete with full service, laundry rooms, kitchens, and grocery stores and other amenities nearby. Plus, the kids and you get to enjoy the swimming pool!


If you prefer to be as independent as possible and mobile at that, you could also rent an RV. Renting an RV or mobile home could be best if you prefer the camping style. If the renovation allows you to keep the electricity and water supply on, you can hook up to your home’s supply.

Friends or Family

If you are so blessed as to have friends or family close by who are willing to host you, you could also stay with them! If you cannot stay with them for a whole month or two, you can still ask if you can stay with them until you find one of the temporary housing options above.


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