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Emergency Services in Anne Arundel County

Emergency Services in Anne Arundel County

If you need emergency home restoration in Anne Arundel County, North Arundel Contracting is ready to help.

In the event of an emergency, you need someone you can call to remediate the damage. The first thing to do in a home damage situation is to get to a safe place and call for help. In the direst cases, like a house fire, criminal activity, or natural disaster, you should call 911. For emergency services, North Arundel Contracting can help take care of the following disasters.

Water Damage

Water damage can appear in the ceilings, walls, or basement of a home. A leak or flood can occur due to inclement weather or a plumbing problem. Sometimes, water damage may have been present for a while, leading to toxic mold growth. If you start smelling a musty odor, have headaches, or see soft spots in the walls, you likely have a mold issue. North Arundel Contracting offers mold remediation and water and flood damage services to Anne Arundel County and beyond.

Fire Damage

Once you have called 911 and documented the scene, call North Arundel to board up your house after a house fire. The plywood boards preserve the structural integrity of the home and keep intruders and animals out. North Arundel can also restore precious belongings, remove smoke stains, and rebuild your house.

Sewage Damage

In some cases, cleanup can be a DIY job. On the other hand, sewage contains hazardous contents that can be dangerous to one’s health. In case of an emergency backup, give North Arundel Contracting a call.

Tree Removal

Before hurricane season approaches in Maryland, check to see that no trees are rotting around your house. A well-kept tree is less likely to cause havoc. In case a tree falls on your house, North Arundel can also remove it, protect and restore your home and belongings.

Break-In and Impact Repair

No matter what kind of home damage emergency you have, North Arundel Contracting is eager to help you restore the ruins. In Anne Arundel County and other parts of Maryland, they service homes that even experience break-ins, vandalism, and vehicle impact. Be sure to stay safe, call 911, and document the scene before getting help to clean up the mess. 


If you have more questions about preventing fires in your home, North Arundel Contracting is here to help you out. Our trained professionals can teach you everything there is to know about house fires. Call us any time at 410-766-2855 or reach us by fax at 410-553-2367. Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and for after-hours emergencies, call us at 410-541-0328. For tips, tricks, and to see what we have been up to, be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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