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When to Turn on the Heat in a House

When to Turn on the Heat in a House

Is it time to turn on the furnace yet? Here’s how you can know.

Maryland autumns can be unpredictable. The famous “false fall” can make one want to turn on the furnace, only to find the next day that it is a sweltering summer day once again. There is more strategy in the timing of turning on the heat in a house than one might think, and this knowledge plus how to prepare can help you know how to manage your HVAC system best. Here is when to turn on the heat in your house and what to do beforehand.

When to Turn on the Heat

The key to knowing when to turn on the heat in a house is to do so based on the home’s indoor temperature, not the outdoor temperature. Even if you feel the need to wear a jacket outdoors, you might not have to turn on the heat indoors just yet. The general time to turn on the heating is when the home reaches about 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The threshold could be higher if you house small pets, the elderly, children, or anyone who is infirm.

What If the Furnace Doesn’t Turn On

If the furnace does not turn on when you try to get it going, it could be due to one of several reasons. It could be that the thermostat does not detect a drop in indoor temperature. Perhaps the humidity has dropped, making your home feel colder, while the temperature stayed relatively the same. Otherwise, it could be that you just need to adjust the thermostat to the correct settings. If you continue to have furnace troubles, call North Arundel Contracting in Maryland for assistance!

What to Do Before Turning on the Heat

Several easy-to-do items can be done before you turn on the heat for the winter. One is to make sure your HVAC system is clean and in good condition. If you turn on the heat and there is mold and dirt inside the vents, you will get a burnt, nasty smell. A dirty furnace filter will clog up the air trying to come through the system, which will make it work harder and wear out faster. 

You can also prepare for colder weather by making sure windows and doors are sealed and walls are well-insulated. Weatherstripping and curtains are both workable options. One can also lay down rugs or carpeting for more interior warmth.

Another sure way to prepare is to catch furnace problems early. If you need help troubleshooting a furnace issue or need any other home improvement services before winter hits, contact us!


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