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When to Repair or Replace Your Carpet

north arundel contracting repair or replace your carpet

So, let’s figure out when to repair or replace your carpet.

Although carpet replacement is inevitable after years of wear and tear, sometimes you can prolong your carpet’s life with a repair. Carpet repair enables you to receive the most out of your investment. Plus, carpet repair can ensure that your property is safe by fixing tears and lumps that can lead to trip-and-fall scenarios. So, let’s figure out when to repair or replace your carpet. 

When to Repair Your Carpet

Lumps from Inadequate Carpet Installation

When carpet installation is done inadequately, it can lead to lumps in the carpet. Carpet installation professionals can prepare for wear when they install the carpet to prevent potential lumps. The ideal way to repair this is by removing the lumps. This is an easy repair scenario that can be done in a day. 

Carpet Burns

Carpet burns are relatively prevalent. They are commonly caused by leaving or knocking off curling irons or flat irons. Fortunately, carpet burns are not the end of your carpet life. Our carpet specialist can eliminate the burnt area of the carpet and make it look good as new. Call North Arundel Contracting whether you need to repair or replace your carpet! 

Carpet Stains

It’s crucial that you clean the spill on the carpet as fast as you possibly can. And if a stain remains, contact our carpet cleaning company immediately to avoid more time for the stain to set in. Similar to carpet burn repair, carpet stain repair means eliminating the stained section of carpet and patching the area with the same or similar carpet.

Damage to Low-Traffic Areas of Your Property

A carpet replacement is not necessary for damage to carpets within low-traffic areas of your home. Sometimes, carpet repair is less about cosmetics and more about preventing more tears and damage. In this case, you don’t need to worry about when to repair or replace your carpet. 

When to Replace Your Carpet

Carpet Wear & Tear

Even with the best maintenance and repair habits, your carpet will wear down with time. Also, you may notice that you have many small rugs throughout your home to cover high-traffic areas where it displays signs of wear. As a result, your carpet’s fibers will eventually degrade and lose their fluff. 

Smelly Carpet

Regular carpet cleaning can prevent it from gathering an odor. However, due to a lack of regular carpet cleaning or other financial hardships, your carpet can form an odor that a professional can’t remove.

The Carpet Padding is Worn-Out

The carpet padding provides cushion and comfort for your carpet. But, eventually, it will wear out. In addition, worn-out carpet padding may lead to creaks and noises as you walk across the floor. As a result, it’s time for a new carpet if your padding is worn out. 

Indoor Allergies

Moreover, carpet cleaning is excellent for managing mold, dust, and mildew within your home to reduce indoor allergies. Without proper maintenance and home cleaning, your property can collect allergens, leading to discomfort and sinus problems in your home. 

Old Carpet Styles

Lastly, no carpet repair can make your home appear modern if your existing carpet is out of style. It’s time for a new carpet if your current carpet looks like it’s from the 1980s or bright colored carpet doesn’t complement your decor. 


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