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Protecting Your Lake House from Water Damage

north arundel contracting protect your lake house from water damage

How do you protect your lake house from water damage?

In your home, excess water may be found in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room in a few hours or days. Hopefully, your local water damage specialist will respond within hours of your phone call and avoid additional damage. However, even a minor water leak can lead to substantial damage when it occurs at a rarely visited second home. So, how do you protect your lake house from water damage?

Arriving at Your Second Home

When you unload the children, dogs, and suitcases, don’t be alarmed if a musty odor in your vacation home greets you. There is possible water damage and mold if the house has been flooded, had a leak, or there’s an excess of moisture and humidity. Also, water damage is progressive. The longer a minor water leak is allowed to drip, the more damage to your home.

The worse potential outcome is to discover that the lake managed to flood the lake house while you were away. Water damage is inevitable if your cabin has experienced a flood. So, you must take specific steps to fight mold growth and protect your lake house from water damage. Call a professional water damage company when you realize rain or lake water has entered your space. Additionally, make sure to inspect for damp drywall removal.

Your Second Home May Suffer While You’re Gone

The residential cabin foundation is vulnerable. Protect your lake house from water damage with an excellent drainage system and stormwater management. Directing the water away from your lake house will reduce the possibility of moisture and condensation problems. Fortunately, controlling moisture and condensation inside your vacation home enhances energy efficiency. Remember to shut off the water supply to the lake house when you leave for the season.


The best solution is to hire North Arundel Contracting right away. In fact, you might have flood insurance covering most of the repair and cleanup costs. Have the water damage and mold properly remediated and keep your property and family safe. Otherwise, try the following short-term solutions:

  • Maintain the windows open if the weather is dry
  • Utilize a dehumidifier to minimize moisture
  • Change the filter in the AC before you turn it on
  • Wipe off any visible mold on floors, walls, and tiles with a bleach/water mixture

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