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What to Do After a Sewage Backup

What to Do After a Sewage Backup

In the case of a sewage backup in your home, take these steps.

A sewage backup is likely the nastiest damage your home might face. Its smelly contaminants can take hours or even days to fully remove. A backup can happen due to a blockage in the main sewer line or an individual one, the invasion of a tree root, or a deteriorated sewer pipe. No matter what, there are certain steps to take after a sewage backup arises in your home.

Stay Safe

Safety is your number one priority. A sewage backup can pose serious health risks and the risk of fire. Standing water contaminated by sewage contains bacteria and viruses which can quickly spread across household items and into one’s body if touched. It will at the very least cause irritation and infection of the skin, especially if you have cuts or sores. 

If the water has accessed any electric outlets in the home, you should get out of the house. One cannot overstate the risk of fire in this scenario. Stay away from the standing water and metal objects and wear rubber boots. Turn off the power in your home while wearing rubber gloves.

Check Other Drains

In the case that the backup has not reached the electric wiring, you can check the sinks, toilets, etc. for potential blockages there. If there are any blockages, you can either take care of this yourself or call a plumber.

Call the Insurance Company

In the case of any emergency or natural disaster, you should let your insurance company know of the incident. Document what happened by taking pictures, recording a video, and writing a report. If the sewage backup happened as a result of the main sewer line and not yours, you will not be responsible for the damages.

Clean Up

If the mess is manageable enough for you to clean on your own, start from top to bottom and hose down and scrub all surfaces. Wash all contaminated items thoroughly. On the other hand, you may need a professional to safely and completely drain the water from your home and wholly sanitize the place.

Toss or Restore

The more porous an item is, the deeper contaminants will go into it. While some items may be able to be restored through a proper scrubbing and washing with bleach, some things will have to go. At the same time, North Arundel Contracting offers restoration services for electronic equipment, important documents, window treatments, and more. 


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