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24-Hour Emergency Service
MHIC #51453

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When your home, condo, commercial building or personal property has been affected by an emergency or disaster, you can trust NAC’s team of certified technicians, estimators and project managers will be there for you. We specialize in all types of losses. Whether it be a small hole in the wall, a flooded basement or structure, fire, weather related issues, or vehicular damage, we at NAC are prepared to handle it. We deal with all sizes of loss, from minor damages to complete restoration of residential homes, condominiums, and commercial businesses. We are your one stop shop from emergency services to complete restoration.

NAC will work with you, your property manager and insurance carriers / adjusters.  From the initial call for the emergency services we document the loss with photos and detailed documentation insuring a record of the pre loss conditions.

NAC will provide a detailed estimate to your carrier, written in an appropriate insurance format. We will negotiate and come to a settlement with your insurance carrier, and be there for you through the complete restoration to your home or business.

Personal Property Restoration

When your personal property has been affected by an emergency or disaster, our certified technicians will work with you to identify restorable and non-restorable personal property. We will create an inventory list of all damaged property and restorable items, we will photograph your personal property, and work with your insurance company to provide all documentation. In short, we will restore your belongings to their original condition when we can, or ensure that you receive actual cost replacement compensation when we cannot.  Our services include

  • Complete Cleaning of Personal Items
  • Window Treatments
  • Clothing and Dry Cleaning
  • Textile Restoration
  • Document Recovery
  • Artwork Restoration
  • Electronics, Audio, Video Restoration
  • Antiques Restoration
  • Pack out, Inventory, Storage