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Home Remodeling Trends 2020

Home Remodeling Trends 2020

2020 is bringing practical and comfortable renovation ideas to the new decade.

This year, homeowners continue seeking to renovate their homes. The home is perhaps the biggest investment of one’s life, and in it are the ones we hold dearest. The space in which we dwell can have a significant impact on our own and our families’ lives. The home remodeling trends for 2020 maintain the wish for the best quality with the most savings.

A Focus on Efficiency

As “green living” becomes more and more at the forefront of building consciousness, homeowners are looking for ways to make their houses perform better in saving energy and cost. Many homes lack proper insulation, losing much energy produced through heating and cooling. Lighting, windows, and roofing also influence how much a home can save. Homeowners will keep working on making the structure of their houses more sound.

Kitchens & Baths

According to a survey by HGTV, homeowners place the highest renovation priority on their kitchens, followed by baths. Understandably, these two rooms require the most upkeep, and a fresh do-over can have a tremendous impact. Dated, inefficient, and malfunctioning kitchens and baths can always use sprucing. 

Traditional Style

Homeowners are also keeping to tradition when it comes to style. Although one might expect a new style fad in the new decade, a higher percentage of people want to keep it traditional with warmer, neutral colors and designs. Mid-century modern, farmhouse, and bohemian styles follow not far behind.

A Smaller Budget

Home renovations take years, even decades, to complete. Often, a total home improvement happens one bit at a time. Perhaps due in part to the economic downturn in real estate sales, people are not as willing to spend a lot on remodeling either. Homeowners are looking to spend less than $2,000 in renovations this year. Even so, while everyone stays in their current homes, there’s no better time to make small improvements there. There will be plenty of DIY projects, along with hires for general contractors. 


At the end of the day, everyone wants a place to relax, away from the stress of the day. Rather than looking to make statements with their rooms, homeowners may opt for calmer colors and furnishings. At the same time, anyone is free to make their home into whatever style that suits them. 


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