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Tips for Reducing Damage When Your Plumbing Fails

Tips for Reducing Damage When Your Plumbing Fails

If your plumbing fails, what should you do?

If your plumbing fails, what should you do? Before even picking up the phone to call for help, you need to stop the water damage from getting any worse. While some pipes may have specific shut off valves, it is best just be safe and shut off the main water valve. Unfortunately, too many people have no idea where that is in their home. It varies from house to house. In homes that feature basements, it is typically located near the front foundation wall or, like in many residences without basements, by the water heater or furnace. Some house designs may also have it conveniently located right under the kitchen sink.

The Next Step

Shutting off your water main will stop any new water from entering your pipes, but there is still some residual water left inside that needs to be drained. It is possible that the excess water will flow out through the plumbing issue, something that can potentially be helped by dumping it into a bucket. But there is a faster way – turn on your taps. If you need to get the water out of your pipes sooner so that it doesn’t drain somewhere harmful, you should turn on your taps to help get as much water out as quickly as possible.

Cleaning Up After Water Damage

Cleaning a home after water damage is an important but time-consuming task. Simple do-it-yourself drying techniques are often not enough when removing water from your home or office. Your carpet, walls and floor coverings are porous, which means a simple cleaning will not suffice, and extensive water damage cleaning is required. All surfaces affected by water damage must be thoroughly dried, cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized by trained and certified water remediation professionals to eliminate disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and other organisms before the area is safe for people to enter again. The actual cleaning and drying time of your contents is dependent upon the extent of the water damage. While some clean-up efforts can take as little as two days, many may take far longer.


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