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Employee Has COVID-19: What to Do

Employee Has COVID-19: What to Do

If this scenario happens at your workplace, here’s what to do.

An employee contracting COVID-19 can be a scary thing. The first steps are for that employee to self-quarantine and for you to find out who potentially came in contact with that individual, letting people know that they may want to get tested without divulging anyone’s personal health information. That said, an employer must step up and take the precautions to prevent anything from getting out of hand. If you find out an employee has COVID-19, here is what you should do right away.

Addressing Employees

If any other employees have even just one symptom, such as a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, they should notify their supervisor. From there, they should either head home or, if already home, stay there. Sick employees should follow the CDC-recommended steps for self-isolating at home alongside any recommendations put forth by their personal healthcare providers.

Immediate Steps

As an employer, it’s your task to contain the situation and keep everyone as healthy as reasonably possible. You will want to close off areas that were used by the sick individual after finding out that an employee has COVID-19. That space then needs to be disinfected and cleaned from top to bottom, hopefully allotting 24-hours to pass afterward. It may also be pertinent to open doors and windows that can help increase air circulation. 

Longer-Term Solutions

Creating the infrastructure to stop the spread of COVID-19 is key. Checking the temperatures and assessing any symptoms of employees is one way to do this, preferably whenever they enter your facilities. If they pass this checkpoint, remind employees to self-monitor for any symptoms or anything unusual. 

As always, continue to encourage employees to use a face mask at all times in the workplace. Workers should also utilize social distancing practices where possible, and the infrastructure should be put in place to best allow that. Hygiene facilities ought to be accessible so employees can keep their hands clean.

How North Arundel Contracting Can Help

We can help if an employee has COVID-19. We understand the concerns and realize that the virus spreads through both the air and physical contact, even lasting on surfaces for 48 hours or beyond. It’s our goal to keep you safe, which is why we deploy EPA registered industrial-strength disinfectants. In the case of an outbreak, we can set up barriers between zones, wipe down all surfaces with antibacterial solutions, and put our HEPA vacuums to use. 


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