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Preventing Mold in Maryland Homes

Preventing Mold in Maryland Homes

Keep your Maryland home mold-free with these preventative measures!

When it’s summer in Maryland, everyone will agree that heat and humidity are at their highest levels. While air conditioners and ceiling fans can keep those elements out of our homes, sometimes they aren’t enough to prevent a home’s biggest nightmare: mold growth. Mold is a toxic substance that can lead to severe health issues when indoors. Check out these tips for preventing mold in your Maryland home.

Target Problem Spots

Some spots may be more likely to grow mold than others. Target these areas and remediate them as soon as you can. For example, if you see water damage behind drywall or condensation in your basement, be sure to put those items on your fix-it checklist.

Keep It Dry

There may also be areas or items in your house that tend to be wet normally, such as the bathroom or your wet laundry. Bathrooms and kitchens are understandably wet places, but keeping surfaces disinfected and dry will limit the humidity from which mold could benefit. As for wet items like towels, bathing suits, or laundry, take care of them immediately to prevent moisture from accumulating.

Promote Ventilation

Ventilation and airflow are two components in keeping your home fresh, cool, and dry. Fresh air keeps humid air from stagnating in one place; thus, keeping doors open, opening a window on occasion, and keeping furniture away from the walls will help your home breathe better. That way, mold can’t form in any warm, moist space.

Lower Humidity

Low humidity is another aspect of preventing mold. While a humidifier may be necessary during the winter, a dehumidifier can help out tremendously in summer. Even then, if your home lacks insulation in a particular spot, that room may be more humid than the rest. The ideal humidity level, according to the EPA, is between 30 and 60%.

Keep Some House Plants

House plants can both reduce and increase mold growth in a house. There’s nothing wrong with having numerous houseplants; they cheer us up with their natural beauty. They also benefit a home’s indoor air quality by generating new oxygen. However, too many houseplants, or ones with lots of moisture, can collect mold. If you see mold on your houseplants, try watering them with diluted Taheebo tea. 


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