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Preventing Mold During the Rainy Season

north arundel contracting prevent mold during the rainy season.

Here are multiple things you can do to prevent mold during the rainy season.

Mold growth is a significant problem, especially during the rainy season. Mold reproduces quickly in warm, humid environments. So, you must keep your home’s humidity levels in check. However, that can be easier than done when the weather is provoking high humidity. Here are multiple things you can do to prevent mold during the rainy season.

Please Seal Your Home

Mold spores can access your home from numerous areas. It’s even riskier during the rainy season. With various potential entry points, preventing mold from entering your property is impossible. However, you can decrease your chances of a mold infestation. The primary way to prevent mold during the rainy season is by adequately sealing your doors and windows. Unfortunately, it only takes a minor crack or leak in the roof to invite them into your home. Despite how small, any aspect of your home that isn’t sealed correctly is sufficient for water to seep in, especially if you experience flooding.

Furthermore, inspect any cracks in your home’s exterior. If you find any, you must seal and repair them immediately. You should also examine the seals on your windows and doors. Most people assume that they’re instantly okay since they have a seal. But seals break down, form flaws, or become less effective over time.

Make Sure There’s Enough Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is crucial during hot and rainy periods. It allows for proper airflow, cools the space, and prevents the humidity from getting stuck in one area for too long. So, make sure your air conditioning unit is properly working and has a clean filter. A dirty or full filter can’t capture the particles efficiently, and it might end up pushing them back into the air. Overall, broken A/C units can enable humidity to run wild, and you can prevent mold during the rainy season.

You must also ensure you regularly change the air filter to prevent harmful particles or mold spores from circulating. North Arundel Contracting can clean your HVAC system and confirm there are no signs of mold growth!

Clean Up Moisture Immediately

Broken, leaky, or flawed pipes and plumbing can be a significant part of a moist environment. Also, mold spores love warmth and humidity, but it doesn’t take much to allow mold to grow. In addition, poor ventilation in rooms with higher humidity levels boosts the likelihood of mold. So, look for signs of water and potential spots for mold growth. In particular, pay attention to musty odors and stale air, which are prevalent in crawlspaces, basements, and attics. Contact North Arundel Contracting anytime, 24/7, for emergencies.


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