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Dealing with Fire and Smoke Damage

Discover the best way to deal with fire and smoke damage!

Discover the best way to deal with fire and smoke damage!

Fire and smoke damage can be devastating for your home and property. It’s a smell that takes a lot of work to get rid of —if ever — and it can leave you without many of your most valuable items. However, all is not lost. After you’ve experienced a fire, there are some things you can do to make the situation better or worse. Follow this guide for dealing with fire and smoke damage.

The Do List

When it comes to fire restoration, the first thing on your to-do list should be to contact a certified restoration specialist. They will come to your property and conduct an assessment of the damage and give you an idea of what services will be necessary for remediation. Make sure that all your utilities are turned off to ensure that the area is completely safe for you and a professional to enter. In addition to professional services, you can use your vacuum and brush attachment for your floors, countertops, and furniture. This will help prevent soot from grinding deeper into the fabric of your furniture and the roots of your carpet. Wipe hardwood and tile clean so that soot won’t stain those surfaces. Since your utilities have been turned off, leave the door of your refrigerator and freezer open to avoid mildew growth.  

The Don’t List  

It may sound counterintuitive, but don’t clean your walls, ceilings, or clothing yourself. Instead, have them assessed by a professional to see if your clothing is salvageable and if your walls will require a cleaning service. Don’t use any electronics, including your air conditioning, heater, or any other electronics until a professional electrician has examined their condition to ensure that its use will be safe. Don’t eat any food that was left in the cabinets, pantry, or even in the closed refrigerator, especially if the utilities have been turned off. The food is likely contaminated by smoke, soot, and other fire-related contaminants. Next, if you see an accumulation of powder on your fire extinguisher, don’t wipe it off. Instead, have a professional look at your extinguisher so that it can be properly serviced, recharged, and put back in place for continuous use.  


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