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Why Might You Need Emergency Tree Removal?

emergency tree removal

Here at North Arundel Contracting, we can handle emergency tree removal for you.

As spring turns to summer, storms can and will knock trees down. Emergency tree removal is critical for keeping your home safe. Here at North Arundel Contracting, we can handle emergency tree removal for you. But the bigger question remains, why might you need emergency tree removal? In this installment of the blog, we’ll answer that question. Learn more by reading on.

The Weather Can Lead to Emergency Tree Removal

As mentioned above, weather can be the reason that necessitates emergency tree removal. The rain and the wind can knock a tree onto your roof or your driveway. The main reason the tree might begin to lean or tip over is because of soil erosion.

Even if a tree remains upright, soil erosion can cause it to become diseased, as we will explore below. Trees that are in danger of falling over should be removed before it can actually harm anything on the ground beneath it. But sometimes, the tree falling over is so sudden it’s unavoidable.

So, after any instance of foul weather, you should inspect your property and the trees around it. If necessary, having loose limbs taken down, even if you don’t need the entire tree removed just yet.

Tree Disease Can Lead to Emergency Tree Removal

Another cause of emergency tree removal is tree disease. Soil erosion is a typical cause of tree disease, but trees can just as easily catch diseases from other sources. Undetected tree disease will eventually lead to the tree dying. The tree might become hollow, or the disease could attack the roots of the tree.

As diseased trees could potentially give way to gravity and fall over, it’s best to be proactive. Emergency tree removal doesn’t only need to happen after the fact. Contact us to remove it for you before any problems could crop up. Some symptoms of tree disease include leaf loss, branches decaying, and leaves turning strange colors, known as discoloration. Prevent tree disease by catching it early on and treating it, much as you would for a human disease. As with human diseases, early detection and treatment can often increase the chances of successful reversal.

Get Emergency Tree Removal from North Arundel Contracting!

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