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Do You Need to Prepare for New Roofing?

new roofing

Do you need to prepare for new roofing?

Now that winter is over, spring brings its own set of weather challenges. Are you prepared for wild spring weather? An even bigger question is this: do you need to prepare for new roofing? In this blog we’ll outline the tasks you should attempt to complete in order to make way for new roofing to come in. Read on to learn more!

Prepare for New Roofing by Clearing Your Yard and Driveway

Whatever you have sitting around in your yard, be sure to get it out of the way. Contractors will need to be able to move freely about your yard and driveway. Also, you don’t want anything on your landscape to be damaged. How can they get damaged? By falling roofing materials. Some things to move out of your yard include:

  • Gardening tools and equipment
  • Any patio furniture
  • Barbecue grill and accessories
  • Potted plants and anything else that can be moved inside instead.

What should you move away from your driveway? Start by moving your car. You can either park inside the garage or on the street. Contractors will be able to move more quickly across cleared driveways, allowing them to complete the project more quickly and efficiently. The driveway can probably serve as a convenient rally point for contractors, tools, materials, and other equipment, too.

Next, Clear Your Attic and Walls

The next step is to clear out your attic and your walls. To avoid dirt and damage, remove items from your attic for the time being. After you do this, you should also take down any paintings, photos, or mirrors you might have up on the walls. Anything hanging can possibly be dislodged by vibrations which are caused by the work being done on your roof.

Let Your Neighbors Know, And Plan for Your Kids and Pets

Since having a new roof put in will be noisy, let your neighbors know before any work will commence. If possible, give them enough advance notice so they can plan to be away so that the noisy work won’t bother them or disrupt their routines. Also consider your children and your pets. Find someone to look after your pets while the contractors are around, and by that same token, keep your kids well-supervised or have them make plans to spend a few days over at a friend’s house, if possible.

Prepare for New Roofing with North Arundel Contracting!

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