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How to Choose a Wall Color

How to Choose a Wall Color

Choosing a wall color can be much easier with several principles in mind.

There is no one way to go about choosing a wall color for your home’s rooms. Each room can either join with the rest in one color scheme, or each can have its own theme. The possibilities are endless. However, choosing interior paint for your space can be more challenging than first meets the eye. Below are some comprehensive tips on how to make your decision. 

Choose a Focal Point

Start with what you already own and what you would like to remain in the room. If you have a notable object in there, like a sofa, rug, window treatment, or artwork that has a medley of colors, draw your color palette from that piece. For example, you could paint your walls a light gray based on some of the same touches in a floral rug.

Clothing Inspiration

Meanwhile, if you are starting fresh, you can consider your home’s ideal color palette based on your wardrobe. The types of clothing you like to wear translate to the style and coloration of your home. If you have a favorite piece of clothing, taking cues from its primary colors can be a good starting point.

Pick Three Colors

You will ultimately want to choose three main colors for your room’s color scheme. In each room, there should be a primary, secondary, and accent color. Some say that dividing the room into 60%, 30%, and 10% of each color respectively pulls a space together like a charm. Your wall color may make up the primary or secondary one.

Analogous Colors

Considering your favorite objects in the room, like a comfortable chair or a bedspread, what if you painted the room an analogous color? It would be one that sits adjacent to your main color on the color wheel. If you have plenty of blue in your room, you could paint the room a shade of green or purple. You’d be surprised how well this can turn out.

Light or Dark

If you are wondering how light or dark to make your wall color, use the following principle: from the bottom up, go dark to light. In nature, this is generally the case. If your floor is darker and your ceiling is white, go with a shade that is in-between.

Personal Style

While the rules above prove helpful principles to guide each homeowner’s decorating endeavors, there is freedom in choosing what you would like best as well. These rules give you the base to take creative license to go for your unique style.


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