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Keeping a Medical Center Clean in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Keeping a Medical Center Clean

Hospital cleaning demands a higher level of disinfection best left to a professional cleaning service.

Now and always, keeping a medical center clean is vital for the health of the workers and patients within one. While medical care heals patients, cleaning out dangerous substances is also necessary. A professional cleaning service can handle this high demand for cleanliness, and every hospital should have one on hand.

Why Hospitals Need Strict Sanitation

Hospitals differ from other buildings in a drastic way. Homes may contain dust, dirt, and the rare bodily fluid, and office buildings may have dust, dirt, and common germs, but hospitals deal with blood, bodily fluids, germs, saline, and other contaminants that could carry dangerous pathogens to everyone there. These substances are hard to clean, and their toxic particles are hard to kill. Moreover, medical centers house people who need healing rather than the healthy. Their immune systems may be compromised, making pathogens much more dangerous than in any other setting. Thankfully, healthcare facilities have regulations on keeping their medical center clean.

Guidelines Disinfection Teams Follow

Professional, hospital-grade cleaning services aim to make the facility presentable as well as defeat all pathogens present. Should there be an infectious disease to control, a team will perform what is called terminal cleaning. Medical cleaning services keep up to date with government regulations, use FDA-approved disinfectants, and have the equipment and know-how to sanitize the area. 

Cleaning During COVID-19

Keeping a medical center clean during these COVID times requires a new strategy while keeping up with regular practices. Cleaning services suit up in appropriate PPE each time when visiting a room with a patient with a respiratory infection. As with other patients, cleaners wipe down all areas, including all surfaces of beds and mattresses, phones and phone stands, bedside tables, IV poles, bedding, bathrooms, shower curtains, sinks, floors, and ceilings. During the pandemic, the team wipes down high-touch surfaces multiple times per day.

Why Outsourcing Cleaning Services Matter

Every medical center is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cleaning. Disinfection plays an enormous role in workers’ and patients’ health and safety, and a hospital should settle for nothing less than professional service. Outsourcing a hospital cleaning service gives healthcare workers peace of mind as they can focus on their jobs rather than on learning how to disinfect the facility as well. As mentioned, outsourcing a reputable company means you have a service dedicated to their task and always updated on the regulations. For your hospital, North Arundel Contracting is happy to help keep your facility safe. 


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