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Winter Preparation Roofing Tips for Hanover Homeowners

Winter Preparation Roofing Tips for Hanover Homeowners

Is your roof still in bad shape after a long summer?Here are some winter preparation roofing tips for any Hanover homeowners.

Although we are only in November, you can feel a chill in the air.That’s a big sign that winter is on the way. Is your roof still in bad shape after a long summer? Maybe it’s time you prepared it for the coming winter. Here are some winter preparation roofing tips for any Hanover homeowners.

Look for Leaks

Leaky roofs are much more common during than the fall and winter than you might expect. As such, you should look for any leaks that might be present, no matter what style of residential roofing you have. If your ceilings and walls are collecting moisture when you know they shouldn’t be, that is a telltale sign of a leak that is only going to get worse without immediate attention.

Procrastination might be a useful tactic in other life situations, but not when it comes to making repairs to your roof. Don’t overlook the importance of the flashing and vents on your roof. If these elements are damaged, destroyed, or simply missing, they can allow more than on leak into your home.

Get Leaks Fixed ASAP

Besides the obvious threat of water damage and flooding, excess moisture from roofing leaks can lead to rampant mold growth. The insulation helping to keep your Hanover home warm can be worn away by the water, too. As soon as you believe you have a leak problem, you should have a professional come to fix it as quickly as possible. While you might think you might save some money by not doing so, you’ll end up paying too much later on when the problems get out of hand.

Maintain the Gutters

Have you cleaned out your gutters and downspouts lately? Even if you haven’t, it’s not too late! Autumn storms will clog up your gutters and downspouts, which means that the rain will have nowhere to drain but inside your home in Hanover. Just make sure that the new drainage point is well clear of the foundations that your house rests on – this means you should try to place the drainage point at least three feet away.

Arrange for Professional Help

We cannot overstress the importance of professional help. Some problems will be beyond the skills of even the most confident DIYers. That’s why North Arundel Contracting is your one-stop shop for any possible home emergency!


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