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Snow on the Roof: The Good and the Bad

Snow on the Roof: The Good and the Bad

Could snow on the roof be good or bad? It turns out it could be either.

Snow is beautiful. When it comes round to Maryland, it can be all the more beautiful because it is not so common. With snow comes benefits and dangers. Aside from slippery roads, there is a danger it can pose to roofing. Snow on the roof could actually have advantages too, though. Below is a little more information on how snow on the roof can be good, when it is dangerous, and what to do if so.

Benefits of Snow on the Roof

Snow on the roof is actually beneficial under certain conditions. Snow is an insulating substance that will preserve warmer temperatures below it. For instance, a layer of snow acts as a protection against colder winds and temperatures for plant bulbs in the soil. In a similar way, snow can help retain a home’s heat. It can also muffle sound, blocking out unwanted traffic noises even more.

The Problem of Ice Dams

If you notice icicles hanging from your eaves, it may look pretty, but it signals a problem with your attic’s insulation. It reveals that a lack of insulation or another issue is allowing heat from the roof to escape, melting the snow on the roof, where it trickles down and refreezes at the eaves. Ice dams can block water from draining into the gutter and away from the house, so homes with ice dams are more at risk for serious water damage. A residential roofing company like North Arundel Contracting can help you address the problem best.

When Is Snow on the Roof Dangerous?

A roof that is 10 years old or younger will likely be able to withstand about 20 pounds of snow per square foot with no issue. The steepness of one’s roof will also make a difference; however, one must be careful not to stand in front of a building that could send an avalanche of piled onto an innocent bystander. Old, packed snow is heavier than fresh snow; 3-5 inches of this old snow could weigh up to 5 pounds per square foot, and 10-12 inches of fresh snow could weigh the same. Even so, the current condition of your roof will significantly affect how dangerous heavy snowfall could be to it.

Prevention & Emergency Repairs

Taking care of your home’s structure and the roof’s structural integrity will go a long way in keeping it from the dangers of heavy snowfall. Prevention is key. Should serious signs emerge, such as cracked walls, leaking ceilings, or cracking sounds from the roof, call North Arundel Contracting at once!


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