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Ways to Flood Proof Your Catonsville Business

north arundel contracting flood proof your catonsville business

This blog discusses ways to flood proof your Catonsville business.

Flood is the most frequent and expensive natural hazard in Maryland. Flooding can also happen at any time during the year, and it’s usually caused by heavy rainfall, melting snow, or ice jams. To help control floods, it’s crucial to be ready. This blog discusses ways to flood proof your Catonsville business.

Preparing Before a Flood

Preparation is key for effective flood-proofing. Here are some ways to flood proof your Catonsville business.

Backflow Prevention Check Valves

Before a flood occurs, install backflow prevention check valves to deter floodwater from entering vulnerable areas where sewer and utility lines enter the building.

Install Flood Shield

Make sure also to install watertight barriers known as flood shields to prevent water from passing through windows, doors, or other openings.

Build Watertight Walls

Moreover, construct watertight walls around work areas or equipment within the structure prone to damage should floodwater enter the location.

Keep Backup Systems

Have backup systems available well above the high-water mark. These include alternate power sources, portable pumps to eliminate flood water, and battery-powered emergency lighting.

Make Sure You Have an Insurance Policy

Determine your insurance policy. Is flood damage part of it? Lost revenue? If not, call your insurance provider to receive coverage.

Always Keep an Emergency Kit

Another way to flood proof your Catonsville business is by keeping a flood emergency kit accessible during a flood. This kit should have a flashlight, copies of the insurance paperwork, essential phone numbers, spare batteries, blankets, medicines, dry clothes, a radio, a First Aid kit, cash, and a cell phone.

Include a Disaster Plan

Maintain a flood disaster plan and identify evacuation routes and conduct emergency drills for employees. Also, involve staff who might require special assistance during a flood (elderly, blind, deaf, etc.).

Ensure You Have a Contact List, Documentation, Etc.

Lastly, create a list of employees’ contact details in case of an evacuation. In addition, make sure you have copies of critical documents that can be accessed offsite.

With proper planning and preparation, you can flood proof your Catonsville business and help reduce flood damage and losses. North Arundel Contracting is here to assist!


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