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Types of Specialty Trim Molding

Types of Specialty Trim Molding

If you’re looking to install specialty trim, you’ll want to know these terms.

If there is anything that completes the look of a home, it is its specialty trim molding. Specialty trim elevates a home’s interior with elements both necessary and ornamental, making it more luxurious. If you are considering specialty trim molding for your interior, here are some helpful terms to know when looking.


Starting from the ground up, baseboard is the trim that covers the seam between the floor and the wall. This trim sits on the edge of the walls, usually colored white and having a simple, flat design. Baseboards are a necessary part in any home construction.

Chair Rail

Chair railing is decorative and useful if one wants to have two different colors or materials on the top and bottom halves of the wall. Chair railing can be more ornate in style and typically resides in dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, or hallways. Popular choices for the lower half include paneling, shiplap, a darker coat of paint, or the same paint color


Casing is the essential finishing touch for windows and doors, sealing the gap between them and the interior walls. Usually, casing is simple, like baseboard, but may be slightly more detailed. Casing can be a different color than your door to add contrast.


Batten molding can apply to both a home’s exterior and interior. Batten, also known as board-and-batten, is a thin strip of trim to edge interior paneling or exterior siding. It is historically made of wood, but can be of another material like plastic or fiberglass today.

Picture Rail

Less common in Maryland homes but beautiful nonetheless is the picture rail. This type of specialty trim molding sits high up on the wall, only several inches from the ceiling. One can add special clips to it from which picture frames can hang, eliminating the need to hammer nails into the wall itself.

Crown Molding

Finally, the crowning specialty trim that everyone favors: crown molding. Crown molding, or cornice molding, graces the edge between the ceiling and the walls. It is the most ornate of the decorative trim; common styles include egg-and-dart, dentil, cove, and bead-and-pearl. 


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