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Top Home Renovations for 2021

Top Home Renovations for 2021

Dreaming of ways to improve your home next year? Consider these ideas.

The biggest reason that most homeowners take on home renovation projects is to either make their lives better or improve the value of their home for sale. Ideally, if you’re considering any home renovations this coming year, they should do both. You certainly would appreciate an increase in curb appeal or home value, but if you’re not selling, the remodel needs to at least improve the comfort or functionality of your home. These home improvement projects will likely be near the top of most to-do lists this coming year because they achieve just that. 

Kitchen Remodel

Most people have a whole slew of kitchen remodel ideas in their heads, but the actual project is hard to get started. It isn’t just because having this significant room out of commission is a hardship. It can also be very expensive to remodel a kitchen completely. Luckily, most kitchen projects can recoup most of their costs in resale value. Smaller kitchen remodeling projects can also go a long way in making a kitchen more user-friendly. If you don’t have a huge budget, identify what parts of the kitchen need an update the most and focus there: an oven that works more efficiently, cabinets with better storage, swapping the table for a useable island, for example.

Bathroom Renovation

We tend to spend a lot of our time in our bathrooms, so it is nice when they are beautiful, comfortable, and relaxing. Doing a bathroom renovation is a great way to improve comfort and usability while also improving home value. Most bathroom renovations come close to covering their cost in improved value, and some can even be great DIY projects. Trade out the old vanity for a new one with better storage. Re-caulk the tub and repaint the walls for better ambiance. Replace older toilets and shower fixtures with new, more efficient ones that help decrease water costs. The scope of the bathroom project is up to you.

Exterior Updates

Many exterior updates you may be considering to your home will improve your resale value, including repainting the exterior or replacing siding and upgrading windows and doors. In many areas, the improved resale value nearly covers the cost of redoing the exterior. Even if you aren’t selling, coming home to a house that looks beautiful and new is its own reward. Possible energy savings from more efficient siding are a nice bonus as well. 


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