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How New Roofing Affects the Value of Your Elkridge Home

How New Roofing Affects the Value of Your Elkridge Home

You’ll find that new roofing helps improve the look of your Elkridge home.

Are you looking for a new roof this fall? You might be thinking of moving away from your Elkridge neighborhood and want to increase its curb appeal, or you’ve invited your parents to move in with you so you can look after them as they age in place. Either way, let’s say that it has become impractical to repair your old roof and you want a new one instead. Here is how new roofing affects the value of your home.

Improves the Look

You’ll find that new roofing helps improve the look of your Elkridge home. Even if you still rely on regular asphalt shingles for your roof, they can be made to look more elegant. For instance, transform them into slate to evoke the look of a country farmhouse, or enhance your new roof with the look of natural or decorative stone to help your home stand out in the neighborhood.

Boosts Home Value

New roofing helps your Elkridge home look more valuable than when it had its old roof. While that’s true, your home will also gain value, too. You can expect several thousand dollars back, which you can use to get a new home or use that money for other remodeling and renovation work.  

Saves Energy

Upgrading your roof will help you save energy and money. This is hugely beneficial, especially if you are concerned about your impact on the environment. Brand new roof shingles use energy more efficiently. These shingles will cut down on your energy bills, so you won’t have to rely on your heating system in the winter as much, or your cooling system in the summer.

Provides New Warranty

Your roof’s original warranty could be almost over. However, getting a new roof installed also provides you with a brand new warranty. This means that for the next 40-50 years, your Elkridge home will be protected against all kinds of weather. Naturally, the effects of the weather will still wear it down, but the peace of mind will help.

Helps You Pass Inspections

One last benefit of getting new roofing installed is that it will help you pass home inspections. Before you can sell your home, and before you buy your next one, you should make sure both homes can pass a safety inspection. If your current roofing materials are too worn down, you won’t pass any inspections, which is another crucial reason you should consider getting a new roof, especially before winter arrives.


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