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Sanitation Tips for Your Glen Burnie Business

Sanitation Tips for Your Glen Burnie Business

Keep your business as clean as possible with the following sanitization tips!

Businesses that are ruled as essential or non-essential during this pressing time both have a role to play in keeping the community safe and healthy. Whether it is during a lockdown, a time of “social distancing,” or daily life, businesses have a high occupancy of people, meaning they have a high responsibility to keep their environment as clean as possible. If you have a business in Glen Burnie, Maryland, you can benefit your community for now and the future through the following sanitization tips.

Clean High-Touch Surfaces

Office spaces have many high-touch surfaces. If not cleaned, they will most definitely accumulate bacteria, viruses, and debris over time. Your sanitization team may already be practicing stellar office cleaning procedure. Even so, check that your team is disinfecting all areas, including computers and related equipment, desks, chairs, break room counters and sinks, printers, conference rooms, doorknobs, and windows. 

Clean Carpets

Although people do not generally touch the floor with their hands, germs, dust, and more readily build up through foot traffic and sneezes. People cannot contain every single germ when they have a cold or allergy. A thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized carpet is necessary to reduce allergens, dirt, and germs in an office space.

Clean the Refrigerator

If no one is cleaning out the refrigerator at your office, you’d best beware! Expired food in the fridge is no pleasant business, and makes your business harder to work with. Make sure it is level, first, by putting a leveling tool on top. Next, wipe down the refrigerator’s condenser coils, drip pan, and interior. Change the water filter if necessary. Also, encourage employees to take their food or drinks home each day.

Sanitize Cafeterias

Plenty of business buildings include a cafeteria. If yours has one, you will feel the urgency to make sure it is as clean as possible. No one wants a bug in their salad. Chemicals, biohazards, and debris will steer clear from the area with proper employee training and regular, thorough sanitization.

Hire a Professional Sanitization Company

To keep a business as clean as possible, it is best to keep up regular sanitization practices in all areas to prevent a major cleanup later on. However, during times when cleanliness is a top concern, a professional sanitization company can take your concerns away in one fell swoop. If you have a business in Glen Burnie, Maryland, or surrounding cities, call North Arundel Contracting today!


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