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Roof Challenges in Crofton, MD

Roof Challenges in Crofton, MD

Crofton is a growing community with plenty of trees and humidity. Here are the challenges roofs in Crofton can face and what to do about them.

If you live in Crofton, Maryland, you’ll have seen a few challenges that a Crofton roof can face. Crofton is a pleasant neighborhood with many well-planted (and not-planted) trees in the temperate climate of central Maryland. The original houses are Levitt houses built between the 60s and 70s. Thousands more congregate around the triangle of 424, Route 3, and 450. Although Crofton boasts idyllic features, certain natural problems arise, particularly for the roofs. Read on to discover what they are and what to do about them.

Overhanging Trees

A look at Crofton, MD from Google Maps will show just how bushy the neighborhood is with trees. Trees are everywhere, at times partially or totally covering residents’ roofs. Although beautiful, this can pose a number of issues. An overhanging tree is far more likely to fall onto the house in severe wind or snow storms. Branches brushing against the roof must be removed. The branches can wear down the roof, removing the protective layering to your house’s armor against the weather. It is best to get branches that are too close to the house pruned back to a safer distance.

If you see that it is a neighbor’s tree that is threatening your roof, you are by law allowed to trim the tree’s branches back up to the property line. Whatever trunk of a tree belongs in your yard, however, you are responsible for the health of that tree to keep it from falling onto your house or your neighbor’s.

Dark Stains on Roof

In Crofton, it is common to see roofs that have dark streaks on them. It may seem like dirt, but it is in fact algae. The naturally humid climate makes algae happy to grow. Because asphalt roofs have often had fillers like limestone in the mix, algae find themselves all the more at home to grow on the roof.

Because algae spores are airborne and just another part of nature, it is impossible to prevent the algae from spreading. What can be done about it is to maintain healthy circumstances concerning the trees, give the roof a regular, simple cleaning (professionally or as an informed homeowner), install a copper or zinc strip along the side of the roof, or simply get new shingles.

Old Roof

How, though, do you know when it’s time to replace your old Levitt roof? Get an inspection from a professional and reputable roofing company. They will check for leaks, damage, and more, and prescribe what you can do from there.


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