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Home Remodeling Tips for Dayton Homeowners

Home Remodeling Tips for Dayton Homeowners

Before Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive, it’s time to get started on a new home remodeling project, even though it’s not even Halloween yet.

Hello, Dayton homeowners. Are your looking to renovate your home this fall? Maybe to bring some new life into it before family comes to visit later in the year? Before Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive, it’s time to get started on a new home remodeling project, even though it’s not even Halloween yet. Here are some tips for what you can do to keep your home clean while you spruce it up.

Empty the Room

Before you start your remodeling project, decide which rooms will be redone. Then empty the room and take all the furnishings away for the time being. This limits the possibility of anything in the room being damaged and also keeps your belongings clean until the process is finished.

Seal It Off

Your kids and pets are going to be curious about what’s going on. Don’t let them go into any room where active remodeling is going on. That’s because they could get hurt. Make sure the mess can be contained to only a few rooms in your Dayton home. You may need more plastic tarps than you expected.

Clean Every Day

Clean your house every day. While this can be difficult to do, since you’ll be exhausted from working all day, it’s important. This way, you can minimize how much dust and debris is left behind. Make sure the contractors you work with clean up after themselves before they leave.


Ventilation is a key part of the home remodeling process. That’s because you need to let fresh air into whatever room is being remodeled. This is only possible in good weather, but even in fall and winter, it’s not going to be cold all of the time.

Vacuum and Dust

Chances are you won’t be doing all the remodeling work by yourself. You can have friends and family help you, or in some cases, hire contractors from town to come and help renovate your Dayton home. So at the end of the day, be sure to vacuum and dust. This will help keep your home clean. Besides, dust can harm your furniture and your hardwood floors, and you don’t want that to happen. Doing this can also prevent some unsightly scratches.


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