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Mold Remediation Tips for Your Glen Burnie Garage

north arundel contracting mold remediation tips

This article will help you understand mold along with several mold remediation tips.

If your Glen Burnie garage has recently endured water damage from a roof leak or severe storm, we have the perfect mold remediation tips to fix your home. The garage can serve several purposes beyond being a place to park your vehicle. But the garage can also become a host to severe mold issues. This article will assist you in understanding how the mold establishes its presence in your garage, along with a few mold remediation tips. 

Signs of Mold in Your Garage

Mold spores live in the air. And these spores will most likely enter along with the air inside an open garage door. In addition, mold spores like to land on warm and moist surfaces so they can create a mold colony. Although some mold colonies take time to form, mold growth will accelerate during the hot summer months. Watch out for these signs that one or more colonies are actively developing in your garage:

  • A musty odor
  • Dark, discolored spots on the walls
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Crumbling drywall
  • Constant sneezing and coughing when you are in the garage

Mold Can Harm Your Garage and Health

Moreover, your garage is the perfect spot for mold to colonize. Many kinds of mold can slowly harm wood, drywall, and other porous materials. This damage can lead to structural problems with dry rot. Also, a growing colony can increase mold spores and provoke sneezing, coughing, and other respiratory flare-ups. Furthermore, you should wear the proper protective equipment if you attempt to touch the active mold in your garage.  

Mold Remediation Tips

While you also may be able to clean and disinfect the minor mold colonies with cleaning products and hydrogen peroxide, you also risk many significant problems. If you are going to try to clean up the mold in your garage, try out these mold remediation tips:

  • Protect your eyes with goggles
  • Avoid inhaling the toxic spores by using a face mask respirator
  • Prevent touching the mold by wearing coverall clothing or disposable hazmat suit
  • Don’t forget about the gloves

It would be best to close off the garage from other areas of your house—secure plastic sheeting over all house doors and air vents. Moreover, ensure the garage doors and windows are open for ventilation. We recommend you use a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning chemical on the mold-infested areas.


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