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Making the Most of Residential Roof Cleaning in Odenton

How to Prepare for Roofing Replacement

Learn how to clean your roof safely and properly.

While your Odenton roof will inevitably age over time as a result of the Maryland winters, a roof cleaning can do a great deal to keep it in excellent condition. What does a residential roof cleaning consist of, and how can it benefit your Odenton home?

Start with Roof Debris

Before you can get down and dirty scrubbing your roof, you need to get rid of debris. Climb on top of the roof, taking plenty of safety precautions, and clear off any big chunks of debris like tree branches or plants. If there is small bits of debris stuck to the surface, use a soft-bristled broom to knock it off. Finish the process with a leaf blower. Now it’s time to move onto the rest of the residential roof cleaning process!

Take Care of Moss

Moss can actually cause major structural roof issues over time if it is left untreated. If you see mold on your roof at any time, you should clean it off or hire a professional from North Arundel Contracting to get the job done. To clean moss off of your residential roof:


  • Use a cleaning solution that is either acidic or basic. Either will kill off moss, as it can’t typically survive below a pH of 4 of a pH of 7. Some examples of effective cleaners include baking soda, baking powder, salt, dish detergent, and bleach. Mix any of the above in the right amounts with warm water, and you’ll have a do-it-yourself roof cleaner.
  • If the cleaning solution you mixed does not make enough of a different, use a chlorine mixture to kill off the roof moss.
  • Always work by first saturating the moss with cleaning solution. Never rinse it off or scrub it right away. Instead, allow the mixture to penetrate the moss and kill it off.
  • All of the moss that you managed to remove will wash off naturally the next time it rains.


To stop moss from ever coming back again in the future, be sure that you trim any tree branches or plants that are hanging over the surface and providing it with a shady place to grow.

New Roofing and Roof Repairs from North Arundel Contracting

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